Hi, I'm Brennen Cooke. I'm a writer - right now I'm interning with an agency called Mother in New York.

I just graduated from the University of Texas where I built a book in the Texas Creative portfolio sequence. I used to want to be a doctor, which is why I wasted 24 credit hours on biology, physics, and chemistry. One day, while trying to stick a microscopic pipette into a dead rat's lymphatic vessel, I realized - that shit kinda sucks. So yeah, now I'm a writer. 

I like jeans and sometimes write for zines. I am always looking left in photos, and I just can't help it. I have horrible eyesight, which isn't my greatest flaw, but it is pretty close (I'm not disclosing my greatest flaw on this site). Sometimes I think about the life I'd have to live were I born prior to the invention of eye glasses. I'd probably have to be a seer or something. Or just be dead. Probably that.

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